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Annette Haywood-Carter

Annette Haywood-Carter,Director  Annette Haywood-Carter, Annette Carter,Annette Haywood, Haywood Carter, ALFM, All Lights Magazine, All Lights Film Magazine,Annette Haywood-Carter arrived in Hollywood in the mid 1980's and quickly worked her way up through the ranks to the coveted position of script supervisor.  Over a period of eight years she script supervised 28 feature films garnering the respect of Academy Award winning producers and directors.  Bruce Beresfor (Driving Miss Daisy), Steven Spielberg, Saul Zaentz (Amadeus) and Bruce Cohen (American Beauty) are but a few who took a personal interest in Haywood-Carter's career and helped her make the transition into directing.  Haywood-Carter began her directing career with the film, The Foot Shooting Party, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, for Touchstone.  Her next film project was a teen drama based on the novel, Foxfire, by Joyce Carol Oates.  Annette proved her keen eye for casting yet again.  Having cast then unknonw actor, DiCaprio, in her short film, this time Haywood-Carter plucked Angelina Jole from a casting call for minor roles to play the lead in Foxfire.


Meet Tony Denison

In 1977, Anthony John Denison, worked for John Hancock Insurance as a life insurance agent. He spent his spare time in various stage plays in New Paltz, New York. Has worked in many areas such as in the construction, as a chess tournament promoter, a back gammon tournament promoter, a life-insurance salesperson, a chauffeur, and as a newspaper editor. In the year 1987, when Ken Wahl suffered an injury that incapacitated him, Denison was chosen to fill the gap by playing another agent. He has now been a part of the famous TV series ‘Prison Break’ , ‘Boston Legal’ and ‘Criminal Minds’.

How far does your reel life character match up with your real life character?

This is perhaps the most difficult question to answer. Having not been in law enforcement I can call depend apart the information given me by real officers of the law. However, with that research in mind the next phase is creating an emotional reality for Lt. Flynn that comes from within. Flynn is a gamer;  Loves what he does and can be at times loyal and determined. Like Flynn I Love what I do and strive to be loyal and determined at what I do.


An Encounter With Bey Logan

Bey Logan is a respected expert on East Asian cinema, particularly Hong Kong action cinema. He is currently directing the film 'Snow Blade'. Logan began his career as a writer and editor on martial arts magazine Combat. He is also notable as a screenwriter, film producer and as a martial artist. His notable screenplay is for Jackie Chan's film, The Medallion. He has also written scripts for the documentaries Jackie Chan: My Story (1998) and Jackie Chan: My Stunts (1999).

Early Life

I was born in the town of Stamford, England, and raised in a city called Peterborough. My parents were ordinary middle class folk, my father was an accountant, my mother a nurse, but, for some reason, for as long as I could remember I was fascinated by Asian culture, martial arts and movies. From a very young age, I knew that my life and work would be focused in this direction, and they have been!


Sohan Roy -The Debutant With A Difference

A Brilliant Marine Engineer, a successful Aentrepreneur, a gifted writer, the architect of an award winning documentary, and the director of one of the most anticipated Hollywood movies of the year! I was a bit confused about where to start when Mr.Sohan Roy cheerfully waved me into his Dubai Office. But his unstoppable energy and the reassuring smile helped me to find my words. Some of the ideas expressed by him to All Lights go like this……

DAM999 has been rated as one of the most anticipated movies of 2011. What are your expectations?

Thank you. We are lucky that the film industry has accepted the pre-promotions and the interest the movie has created in the industry trade circle. Yes, we have a lot of expectations and we are sure that the movie will live up to the hopes and expectations.

I never expected that a debut movie would generate so much interest. Perhaps it's the theme of the movie and its USP's that created the attention.




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