Ryan Gosling to star in 'Blade Runner' sequel

Ryan Gosling, renowned Canadian actor is reportedly doing a prominent role in the upcoming 'Blade Runner' sequel along with Harrison Ford. As per reports, the initial talks are turned out positive in nature, and Ryan has given a positive nod to his role. 

This new movie is expected to be a high octane sci – fi thriller, and it will be directed by Denis Villeneuve. The movie is being produced by Alcon Entertainment, while Ridley Scott is the Executive Producer. 

The 'Blade Runner' sequel will take place several years after the incidents of the original film which took place in 1982. Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Rick Deckard in the movie. The character of Ryan Gosling is kept confidential, and more details about it is expected to be unleashed in the coming days. 

On the other hand, Gosling who made his directorial debut recently through 'Lost River' is now busy with the filming of 'The Nice Guys' with Russel Crow.