‘My Name is A by Anonymous’ is all Set to Release

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My Name is A by anonymous’ directed and created by Shane Ryan is all set to release. ‘Modern American Cinema’ picked up the film for U.S. Theatrical rights.

My Name is A by anonymous features internationally famous Russian pop star Teona Dolnikova (formerly of the bandSlot), Demi Baumann (younger sister of Ken Baumann from The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Domiziano Arcangeli (Scary or Die, Virus X), introducing Katie Marsh as Alyssa, and was co-produced by filmmaker Ryan Nicholson (Live Feed, Hanger, Gutterballs, The Profane Exhibit) and actor Kevin Gage (Michael Mann's Heat, Ridley Scott's G.I. Jane, Blow, Chaos, May, Knockaround Guys, Con Air). The film was produced by Alisha Rayne and photographed by Arturo Guerrero.

The film is inspired by the Alyssa Bustamante incident in which 15 year old Bustamante was convicted of killing her 9 year old neighbor, Elizabeth Olten. The film has screened in Pollygrind Film Festival where it received the award for Best Arthouse Film and was named one of The Top 3 Films of the Festival. The movie tackles hard-hitting subjects like self mutilation by teen girls, bullying, rape and the murder.