Mongolian Academy Awards 2013 Declared

Mongolian Academy Awards, All Lights Film Magazine, ALFMMongolian Movie Industry is in the path of renaissance, and this has resulted in the release of some classic movies from the country. The recent news from the film sector in Mongolia is regarding the declaration of Academy Awards 2013 by Mongolian Movie Academy.

The awards were declared during the Mongolian Film Festival, and this is being conducted for the third time in the country. Please find below the list of films which ended up as winners, and their respective nominations. 


Best Director: D.Zolbayar

Best Supporting Actress: D.Gantsetseg

Best Cinematography: G.Battulga

Best Art Direction: J.Tsog

Best Music (Original Score): B.Chinbat

“Duulen Nis”

Best Actress: A.Mungunzul

Best Visual Effects: Sh.Tansag

Best Make-Up: Delger, Jeong Seum Kim

Best Film Editing: B.Baatar


Best Screenplay: B.Togtokhbayar

Best Supporting Actor: S.Ariunbyamba

Best Producer: D.Boldkhuyag

Other Awards and Films

Best Actor: Ts.Tumurbaatar, “Ulaan Durvuljin

Best Sound Editing: Michael Kao, Big Fish

Best Film Soundtrack: “Niciton” band, “Durlalyn Gemt Hereg” (Love Crime)

Best Documentary Film: Tell Me My Name, directed by E.Khurelkhuu

Best Debut Film: Midnight Talk, directed by O.Batzorig

Best Short Film: “19”-Part 2, directed by I.Nyamgavaa